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What happens after an order is Submitted?

Shortly after hitting submit, you will receive an email with a summary of your order. Please review this email to make sure all information is correct. If you need to make a change to your order, simply reply to the email or send a new email to
Within the next 24-48 business hours, a member of our team will process your order. We may contact you if we have any additional questions.
After your order has been confirmed, your payment method will be processed and you will receive a Welcome Email. Please read this email very carefully. It will contain your first delivery date, billing invoice, and other pertinent information.

How do Promo Codes work?

If you have a Valid Naked FitFoods Promo Code, enter it in the "Promo Code" section of our Online Order form. The promo code will adjust the calculated cost. If the code is valid, your discount will be applied when your account is charged.

What if Somebody is allergic or doesn't like certain foods?

We can cater to any of your specific food allergies or dislikes. Upon signing up for your package please inform us of any allergies or dislikes you require. Example: ‘You see shrimp stir fry on the menu, but you told us no shrimp. Chefs will make you a chicken stir fry or another alternate dish to fit your needs.’ Your exclusions will never be in your meals. The member can receive up to 2 exclusions at no charge, 3 or 4 (4 being the max) will be an upcharge of $1 more per day.
The menu item listed on your meal will not change when a substitution is made. For example: If your account specifies "no pork" and the menu item is pork tenderloin, your pork entree will be substituted with another protein. However, the label will still say Pork Tenderloin. If you believe a proper substitution was not made, please send a photo of the meal to and you will receive a meal credit if an error was made.


When will I get the first delivery?

Orders placed between Wednesday and Friday at 1PM will begin delivery on the following Sunday.
Orders placed Sunday-Tuesday will usually begin service the following Sunday but may have the option to begin sooner, depending on availability of ingredients. If we are able to get you started sooner, a member of our team will be in contact to confirm a delivery date.

What is the delivery schedule?

Deliveries take place 5 days per week, Sunday-Thursday, between 1pm and 7pm. Your meals are meant to be consumed the day following delivery. For instance, meals delivered on Wednesday should be consumed on Thursday.

Where is the delivery range?

Directly to your doorstep! Or just about anywhere you want, within our delivery range. Our delivery range includes the majority of Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties. We will confirm that your address is within range before processing a payment.

How does the delivery works?

All of our members receive a Naked FitFoods Cooler Bag. It is a one-time charge of $10 and your bag to keep. The first evening your driver arrives, he/she will place your bag of meals inside our Naked FitFoods Cooler Bag and leave behind complimentary ice-packs which will keep your food cool for another couple of hours.
It is the members’ responsibility to leave their cooler bag and defrosted ice-packs out for the driver to collect and replace each night thereafter. If your defrosted ice-packs are not left out for our driver to replace, no ice-packs will be left in its place. The Naked FitFoods Cooler Bag is yours to keep and keep clean.

Gated and Controlled access Communities

Please provide a duplicate gate pass or security access code so that we can gain entry. If there is a security guard, please let them know to allow all deliveries from Naked FitFoods. There is a section in our Online Order form to include special delivery instructions. If the driver is unable to deliver, they will attempt to deliver those meals with the next day of delivery.

What do I do when my food is warm?

Our cooler bags are designed to keep meals cool for up to six hours following delivery. For best results, cooler bags should be placed in the shade. Some customers also choose to leave a hard cooler outside to maximize the effectiveness of the ice packs.

What happens if the meals are incorrect?

This could either be a packaging error or your order could be incorrect in the system. Please email a photo of the meal to for assistance.

Account Changes

How can I make account changes?

To make account changes, update billing information, or Suspend Delivery, please contact or you may make account changes on your customer dashboard.

Account changed require 2 business days to take effect.

How to put an account on hold?

Billing takes place each Thursday prior to the upcoming Sunday-Thursday delivery week. To discontinue service, weekly members must complete an Account Update Form before 12 p.m. noon EST on their last day of delivery (Thursday).
Monthly members must complete the form before 12 p.m. noon EST on their last day of delivery (20th day). If no changes are requested before 12 p.m. on the day of billing, accounts will be charged the regular recur amount.

Late Cancellations

If a plan is canceled after 12 p.m. noon EST on Thursday, the account will receive meal credit. There are no refunds for late cancellations. It is the member’s responsibility to provide timely notice of account changes.
Neither refunds nor meal credits will be provided for cancellations less than 48 hours from the scheduled delivery day.


How does the billing work?

All meal plans are AUTO-RENEWED, based on your order cycle selected at signup. To notify us that you do not wish to AUTO-RENEW for a subsequent billing cycle, you must complete an Account Update Form before Noon on the day your plan is set to renew. No refunds will be provided for late cancellations.

How do the meal credit work?

Our meal credits never expire and are fully transferable. Meal credits may be provided for various reasons. By utilizing meal credit for a meal plan other than the original plan which they were provided for, you may be subject to additional charges to cover the difference in pricing. For example, if you have $100 in meal credit and you switch to a plan which costs $150, there would be an additional charge of $50 + tax.
Meal credits reduce the amount charged on your next bill. For instance, if your bill is $100 + tax, a $20 meal credit would reduce your next bill to $80 + tax.
If your meal credit exceeds the cost of next week's delivery, your next billing date will be extended by one week and any remaining credit will be applied to your next bill. For example, if you have $105 in meal credit and your plan costs $100, your billing date will be extended by one week and $5 will be applied to your next bill.

How to earn meal credits?


A $20 meal credit will be awarded to your account for each friend who begins service with Naked FitFoods. Your friend must enter your name in the "How Did You Hear About Us" section when they order online.


A $20 meal credit will be awarded to customers who complete a review for Naked FitFoods. After completing a review, send a screenshot to
Customers may leave a review on YELP, Google, and Facebook and will receive a $20 meal credit for each website for a maximum of $60 in meal credit.