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Plant Based Meals available

Plant Based Plan

Our Plant Based plan is designed for those who don’t eat meat, but still want healthy, balanced Plant Based food with lots of delicious variety.

Not only do we actively seek out free-range and cruelty-free sources for our other meal plans, but we also offer a delicious Plant Based meal plan that includes options to suit all kinds of Plant Based diets. Each week, in addition to dishes that are completely free of animal and animal-derived proteins. So no matter what kind of Plant Based diet you follow, you can be sure that NAKED FIT FOODS Meal Plan has plenty of delicious choices for you!


Our Plant Based meals:

  • Generally contain 290-350 calories

  • Never frozen or canned

  • Without artificial additives, preservatives, or added sugar

  • Includes legumes, nuts, & seeds to provide essential fatty acids

  • High in fibrous vegetables

  • Tasty and satisfying

  • Includes limited meal options with egg and dairy

  • No other animal proteins are used

Each Plant Based meal item includes calorie and macro information for you to calculate your dietary intake and manage your exercise regiment.




Plant Based Menu

The week of   4 / 29   Meal Choices

[1]Spaghetti & “Meatballs”

Vegan Meatballs | Spaghetti Noodles | Steamed Broccoli | Marinara Sauce | Vegan Parmesan Cheese | (G)(DF)

[2]Tofu Club Scramble

Tofu | Just Eggs | Potatoes | Cherry Tomatoes | Tempeh Bacon | Vegan Cheese | (GF)(DF)

[3]White BBQ Tofu

Tofu | Diced Potatoes | Kale | Red Cabbage | White BBQ Sauce | (GF)(DF)

[4]Wild Berry Captain Crunch Waffle

Two Sweet Pancakes | Captain Crunch | Strawberries | Blueberries | Tempeh Bacon | Sugar Free Syrup | (G)(DF)

[5]Italian Breakfast Pizza

Tempeh Bacon | Just Eggs| Tomatoes | Vegan Cheese | Pesto | Naan |(G)(DF)

[6]Black Bean Crumbles Spicy Sweet Potato

Black Bean Crumbles | Sweet Potatoes | Cherry Tomatoes | Sweet and Spicy Orange Glaze | (GF)(DF)

[7]Kofta Beef Bowl

Meatless Crumbles | Quinoa | Cucumbers and Red Onions | Vegan Garlic Tzatziki Sauce | Vegan Feta Cheese | (GF)(D)

[8]Impossible Meatball Spinach Cream

Impossible Meatballs | Farro | Bok Choy | Vegan White Wine Spinach Cream | (G)(D)

[9]Tempeh Agave Sambal

Tempeh | Quinoa | Broccoli | Agave Drizzle | Sambal Spicy Sauce | (GF)(DF)

[10]Seared Seitan Alfredo

Seitan | Fettuccine Noodles | Asparagus | Blackened Parmesan Sauce |(G)(DF)

[11]Double Chocolate Brownie Protein Pancakes

Chocolate Pancakes | Vegan Brownie Crumbles | Vegan Bacon| Syrup |(G)(DF)

[12]Rustic Italian Tofu

Tofu | Penne Pasta | English Peas | Tomato Red Pepper Pesto | (G)(DF)


Orders placed by Friday at 1pm will be delivered that upcoming week.


Please note your orders with any food allergies or dislikes.



Antibiotic-free Poultry

We use only fresh and free-range poultry that has been certified to be free of any antibiotics for a truly gourmet taste.

Grass Fed Beef

We seek out only the finest gourmet ingredients, including premium cuts of grass-fed beef. No other plan has such exacting quality standards.

Wild Seafood

All of our seafood is sustainably caught in the wild by real fishermen, and is never farmed or treated with chemicals or preservatives.

Fresh Ingredients

All of our ingredients are sourced with exacting standards so that we can ensure farm-to-table freshness that is never frozen or canned.


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